"[WARNING] There's been a suspiciously high number of authentication failures recently. You may want to make sure that fail2ban is running and is correctly configured, or use a custom port for SSH as explained in..." 🤔

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@p1ng0ut Yunohost?

Well, had that too lately, not sure what I will do about that, check my post about it some days ago, there are some tips below it.

@utzer Right, I'll configure that it is only possible to log in with a valid ssh-key. I guess that this will fix that issue. Hopefully.

@utzer OK, I've disabled password authentication. Hope that'll fix that.

@p1ng0ut hmm

Can you let me know if it does, I have to check that, thought that I did set it up for key only. I think SSH does not drop the connection on password auth. But please check, I will try that too.

@utzer This page: recommends doing that. Or change the port, but that is security by obscurity.

@p1ng0ut IMHO bringt fail2ban auf normaler Stufe nahezu nichts. Es kommen sowieso maximal 3 Anfragen von einer legacy IPv4.

@txt_file Ja, das denke ich auch. Ich denke PasswordAuthentication komplett aus zustellen ist das Mittel der Wahl.

@p1ng0ut @txt_file ja, dass mache ich seit paar Jahren, kann aber sein das es in dem Fall nicht so ist, sondern nur die Accounts locked sind oder so.
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